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LEP , Light Emitting Plasma is the latest generation of solid state high intensity light source that brings clean natural Lighting to whole new level with a energy saving of over 40 % compared to HID Lamps with a Life of over 50000 Hours. The full spectrum of light is close to solar light and is directionally sourced and prevents lights from trapped at the light source. LEP is single source for generation of light No lumen reduction and failure in longer life time with CRI above 95 ensures enhanced night visibility than any other lighting source.




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Griffin & Ray brings LEP Lighting offers highly reliable and directional source lighting for high wattage applications up to 1000 W equivalent to HID lamps where the energy saving replacement is difficult with the same quality of light. LEP system for ideally suited for general lighting applications such as stadium lighting , street light lighting and maintains over 70 % lumen even after 50000 hours of working and no need to be de-rated for the length of operating cycle.


Griffin & Ray LEP Lamps are offered in various Fixtures to suite exact requirements of the Clients. Fixtures include High Bay Lights , Street Lights and is available over 10 variants based on Wattage and application. Griffin & Ray Application Engineers will survey the requirements and create simulations based on the Industry standard lux requirement and offer the best suitable solutions.


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