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Why Induction Lighting?


Induction Lighting is an ideal choice for replacement of high consuming HID Lamps for energy efficiency and durability. Induction Lighting can replace up to 1000 W equivalent of HID Lighting System and is extremely pleasing to eyes and enjoys high lumen per wattage with excellent colour rendering index. Griffin & Ray offers both LVD and HVD induction technologies and offers from 40 W to 300 W variants.

Induction Lighting working Principle


Griffin & Ray Induction Lights consist of two main components: a ballast and a sealed, gas-filled bulb. Light is produced via electromagnetic induction, without an electrode or any electrical connection inside the bulb. Instead, high frequency electromagnetic fields are induced from outside the sealed chamber. Because there is no fragile electrode burning within, lamp life expectancy is increased to 100,000 hours - over 500% longer than standard HID and fluorescent technology.

To produce light, the ballast supplies the electric coils with high frequency electrical current. The ferrite magnets on either side of the bulb then emit electromagnetic fields which excite electrons within the bulb.As the electrons accelerate inside the bulb, they collide with mercury atoms and produce ultraviolet (UV) light radiation. The UV light then causes the special phosphor coating inside the glass to react in a way that produces fluorescent light within the visible spectrum.

The light produced by Griffin & Ray Induction Lighting achieves a rating of 85 on the Color Rendering Index (CRI), with a Correlated Color Temperature of 2700-6500K.


Key Features of Induction Lighting System

What Are the Benefits of Induction Lighting?

Ultra Long Life:
100,000 hours and a 10 year warranty based on a 24 hour operation.

Reduced Maintenance Cost :
Nothing to do for 100,000+ hours.

Reduced Energy Use :
In most cases wattage is reduced by 50-60%.

Crisp Light Output:
Color temperatures available from warm to bright white light (2700K - 6500K).

Lumen Maintenance :
Maintains a high lumen output over it's life compared to H.I.D. (L90 rating over 10 years).

High Temperature Reliability :
Instant hot and cold start-up and re-start.

Outstanding Colour Performance :
No shift over lamp life, high CRI.

High Efficacy :
They produce a high amount of light output with no harmonics or vibration.


Comparison of Induction Lighting Vs HID Lamps